Vaccine Maker AstraZeneca Puts Hold on Clinical Trials After Participant Falls Ill


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We had a setback this week in vaccine development as AstraZeneca and Oxford University put a hold on stage three clinical trials of their experimental COVID-19 vaccine. One participant in the U.K. came down with an unexplained illness forcing the trial to shut down while an investigation is done. Rebecca Robbins, reporter at STAT News, joins us for what this pause means.

Next, the west coast is on fire this week with major fires in Washington, Oregon, and California. CA Gov. Gavin Newsom has said that so far, at least 2.3 million acres have burned, 20 times what burned in all of last year. But as fire season keeps starting earlier and lasting longer every year, what can be done to prevent these megafires? Some experts say we need more controlled burns throughout the year to get rid of some of the fire fuel. Elizabeth Weil, reporter at ProPublica, joins us for more.

Finally, as universities begin to see outbreaks of coronavirus on their campuses, some are sending students home to quarantine, and that is causing another concern that they could be spreading it back home. Some public health experts are suggesting that it might be better to have them quarantine on-campus or nearby to avoid more community spread. Melissa Korn, higher education reporter at the WSJ, joins us for how colleges are handling outbreaks.

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