The Legion Project 27: Going Home


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Beginnings, endings & other mysteries for the Legion of Super-Heroes in issue 27, “Going Home”! Also, Booster Gold, Who’s Who and the loss of creator Steve Lightle. (2:30:53)


(00:45) Preamble, with words on the passing of creator Steve Lightle
(27:04) Legion of Super-Heroes #27 synopsis, general thoughts, and cover discussion
(42:55) Main discussion
(1:32:58) Taking a look at the various plots and subplots of the first 27 issues.
(1:54:17) Who’s Who 20 entries on Saturn Girl, Saturn Queen, Sensor Girl, and Shadow Lass; Booster Gold #9, and Super Powers III #2
(2:24:46) Wrap-up and outro

INTRO THEME: “Lost City” by RhoMusic

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