Airbnb Rap History, UFO TicTacs Explained? 6.18.21


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In episode 933, Jack and Miles are joined by comedian and Who's Your God podcast co-host Amy Miller to discuss Joe Manchin's new proposal, Fox News' and their 'concerned parents,' the future of Victoria's Secret, the Outkast's Dungeon being on AirBnB, more UFOs, and more!


  1. Abrams Gives Manchin’s Voting Proposals A Thumbs Up: ‘Absolutely’ Supports Compromise
  2. Fox News’ ‘Concerned’ Parents Are Actually Just GOP Activists: Report
  3. Federalist Guy Weeps For His Boner As Victoria’s Secret Ditches Angels
  4. BIG BOI: OUR DUNGEON IS YOUR DUNGEON ... Sleep Where Outkast Recorded!!!
  5. The Skeptics Guide To The Universe: EPISODE #829
  6. LISTEN: Sans Soucis - I'm On

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