My Cousin Rudy, Cursed Covid Xmas Decorations 11.20.20


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In episode 764, Jack and guest host Jamie Loftus are joined by Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend's Alison Rosen to discuss Trump continuing his voter fraud brigade, the war on Thanksgiving, cursed 2020 Christmas ornaments, and more!


  1. Trump courts Michigan GOP leaders in bid to overturn election he lost
  2. The Environmental Impact Of Your Thanksgiving Dinner
  3. Despite what conservative media say, liberals are not trying to “cancel” Thanksgiving
  4. Dr. Fauci warns Thanksgiving gatherings pose high risk for COVID-19
  5. Officials issue a blunt message for Thanksgiving: Keep your gathering small and don't travel
  6. Thanksgiving Opens New Front in War Over COVID Restrictions
  7. Trump Superfan Charlie Kirk Is Being Mocked For Recording An Anti-Lefty Video While Looking Like Crap
  8. Right-wing media dismiss efforts to save thousands of lives as a “War on Thanksgiving”
  9. Laura Ingraham: Liberals want to ‘shame you’ for spending Thanksgiving with family
  10. Canada’s post-Thanksgiving coronavirus surge could be a cautionary tale for Americans
  11. 2020 Annual Events Christmas Ornament, Babys First Christmas Ornament Quarantine, Covid_Christmas 2020 Ornament, Personalized Keepsake Decorations, Toilet Paper Ornament, Face Mask Ornament
  12. Remembering 2020 Ornament Year of Quarantine Ornament 2020 Christmas Ornament 2020 Commemorative Funny Ornament 2020 Events – A Year to Remember
  13. WATCH: The Edge Of New Clothes by Open Mike Eagle

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