327 - Randy & Corey LaJoie: Like Father, Like Son


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It’s double trouble on The Dale Jr. Download as Randy and Corey LaJoie join Dale Earnhardt Jr. for a deep dive into the LaJoie racing lineage that’s filled with colorful moments.

Coming off a ninth-place run at the Daytona 500, Corey talks about his new opportunity with Spire Motorsports in 2021, how the newly revamped team prepared for the season, and what went into the top-10 run in The Great American Race.

Then, the stories start flowing as this duo holds nothing back. Find out what led to Randy being locked out of his own house one night after one of Corey’s races. Hear what Corey did, how Randy reacted, and why he spent the night at the race shop.

Dale Jr. asks Randy to trace his racing roots back to his father’s career that started in the family’s home state of Connecticut. The New England native discusses racing go-karts, learning to race, and working on cars growing up. Plus, the story of what happened when his dad told him to hold it wide open.

Once Randy established himself as a championship race car driver in the Northeast, he moved south in search of more opportunities to race. Find out what happened after one of his first races in the south that may or may not have made him feel welcomed.

Randy tells-all about his rivalry with Buckshot Jones. Hear how it started at Talladega and what went down inside the NASCAR hauler after the race. Then, why an incident at Bristol led to the fans throwing beer cans at Randy as he left the track and ultimately boosted Jones’ merchandise sales.

Hear how a six-year-old talked Randy out of a couple million dollars, why he made the decision, and what it has since taught Corey about his opportunities to race on Sundays.

Corey details his early late model and East Series racing days. Including a story of when the father/son duo pushed all their chips onto the table and left Corey thinking his driving career was over, before getting a surprise opportunity.

What lesson did the two-time Xfinity Series champion learn when Dale Earnhardt stuck his fingers out the window? You won’t forget what happened next.

Corey shares a story that will make you wonder how he still has 10 fingers and what ultimately saved him from a greater injury that day at Bristol.

As Corey continues to establish himself in the NASCAR Cup Series, he explains his decision-making behind signing with Spire Motorsports. He discusses why the team is different this year and how they are trying to do things the right way. Plus, why you shouldn’t be surprised to see the No. 7 group run better than expected.

Dale Jr. picks the brain of a current driver who competed in the Daytona 500 about the state of superspeedway racing. Corey answers Dale’s questions and Dale shares what he would like to see with that type of racing.

Lastly, hear what role Randy and Corey played in Dale Jr.’s furniture ending up on top of his house after his first Cup Series win at Texas in 2000.

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