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We’re back! So soon? Why not? The rules are out the window! What the hey? I was on the phone with my good friend Danny Bland, punk rocker, poet, rock star tour manager… Danny is the author of I Apologize In Advance For The Awful Things I’m Gonna Do, In Case I Die and the just released, We Shouldn’t Be Doing This. All of these titles are available… at

Danny and I were on the phone and he was telling me a hilarious story about having to criss-cross the country just as the nation was sliding into lockdown. I stopped him about halfway through the call and said, wait I should be recording this, and I did, and here it is.

Speaking of lockdown, since we’re all stuck in the house I thought we’d take a True Tales From Weirdsville look at agoraphobia, and some of its famous, and not so famous sufferers. All of that and more, available right here, so sit back, relax, and let’s get on… with our filthy business.

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