Carnival Of Halloweenery


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Trick or treat! It’s that time of year everybody, and everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit. Everyone’s in a mask and the world itself is dressed up as it’s favorite scene from Contagion. But we will proceed, undaunted!

We have an excellent episode in store for you. Rob Zabrecky is here! You may know Rob from his previous role as the lead singer for Possum Dixon but he has since gone on to create Zabrecky, a magician of note and renown.

We also have Laurent Bouzerau. Laurent has directed, among other things, the excellent Natalie Wood documentary What Remains Behind currently on Netflix, The Richard Zanuck doc “Don’t Say No Until I Finish” and many others. He has just finished work archiving and curating, The Alfred Hitchcock Classics Collection, the brand new 4K Ultra HD combo pack which includes the UNCUT version of Psycho as well as restored prints of The Birds, Rear Window, and Vertigo.

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