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Welcome to April! I hope this finds you happy and healthy and safe and well. And home!

We are all fine here high atop the Mulholland Drive view shelf. We are home and doing what we are supposed to are doing (which is not much) and I hope you are doing the same.

My guest is Roger Nygard, an incredibly talented director and writer best known for the hit documentary Trekkies. He also made a brilliant film called The Nature Of Existence and his new documentary is called The Truth About Marriage. It’s incredibly entertaining and genuinely informative (and I say that as someone who was married). Speaking of marriage, we have a True Tales deep dive into the very same subject, as well as a look inside one of the most f’d romantic comedies ever – The Graduate.

Now, this episode was recorded BEFORE the explosion of the coronavirus, so it doesn’t hang heavy over the conversation. Hopefully that will seem more refreshing than bizarre.

Regardless, let’s now get on with our filthy business….

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