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Howdy! It's summertime! And you can tell, because we're all sitting around doing exactly what we did in the spring. But yes, our thoughts are starting to collectively turn to what we will do in the fall. And our prayers are that it won't be more of the same, but our sneaking suspicions are that it might be. And so that brings us up to date on our thoughts, prayers and sneaking suspicions.

But we do have a great show for you today. Formerly known as TV's Frank and Prof. Clayton Forrester, as well as the voice of Crow, now known as The Mads, Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu.

Thanks to Zoom, the new way we communicate, and hats off to all those people in Congress who were smart enough to invest in it just prior to the world knowing why we'd be needing it, we caught up with Frank in New York City and Trace in the wilds of the Minnesota woods.

We also have a True Tales from Weirdsville that starts with the mask debate and ends up in the movie Halloween II, so enjoy that.

All that, and so much more, for your pandemic listening. And so, with that, it's on to out filthy business.

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