Ep. 0207: DHP Villains: Woodrow Wilson, Part 5


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Here it is, the giant deep dive overview episode of Woodrow Wilson's decades of academic output! (Remember, I dive down these nightmarish rabbit-holes so you don't have to!) Here CJ dissects Woodrow Wilson's beliefs in painstaking detail, using the mountain of of essays, articles, books, speeches & lectures produced by the man over the course of his nearly three-decade-long career as an intellectual.

Join CJ as he discusses:

  • Wilson's overall ideology in regard to history and politics
  • Wilson's particular notion of 'progress,' and his main intellectual influences in this regard
  • Wilson's views on the state in general
  • Wilson's views on democracy
  • Wilson's views on American history and politics, including his views on the Constitution, the presidency, and more
  • Wilson's views on socialism

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