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S07 E10 Listen in as we talk with Darrell Johnson about what has blown his mind in scripture, theology, and our understanding of who God is.
Darrell his wife Sharon are parents to four children, each adopted from a different part of the world, and now enjoy nine grandchildren. He is currently engaged in writing, itinerate preaching, mentoring young preachers, and serving Regent as “Teaching Fellow.”
During his full-time service with Regent, Darrell taught many courses, including Introduction to Preaching and Worship, Re-Evangelization of the West, Education & Equipping, Pastoral Care, and preaching of various books of the Bible (John, Psalms, Sermon on the Mount). Also during that time many of his expository sermons were put into book form, including sermons on The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Discipleship On the Edge), the Beatitudes (Living in Sync with the Reign of God), Experiencing the Trinity, and the Lord’s Prayer (Fifty-Seven Words That Change the World). He is the author of a major work on preaching, The Glory of Preaching.

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