#112 Staying Calm in the Face of Panic | Rich Diviney


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Everywhere you turn in today’s world, there’s a reason to panic. Navy SEALs are trained to stay calm in the face of panic. In fact, they do their most meticulous thinking when panic kicks in. What if we all tried to do the same? WELCOME TO THE DARIN OLIEN SHOW Rich Diviney has been a Navy SEAL for 20 years. He knows a thing or two about staying calm. As a Navy SEAL who completed more than 13 overseas deployments, Rich was trained in some of the most tactical techniques in the world. Eleven of those deployments were in Iraq and Afghanistan. So if anyone knows anything about staying calm in the face of panic, it’s him. Today, Rich draws upon his decades of military experience to help others implement practical tactics in their life. These techniques touch on the struggles we all have - anxiety, depression, doubt, and even PTSD. After retiring from the Navy SEALs in 2017, this former Commanding Officer works as a speaker, facilitator and Consultant with the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, as well Simon Sinek Inc. His latest book, The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance helps you master your attributes and discover how you can fit inside a team, show up for others and handle stress, challenge and uncertainty. Rich and I had this amazing conversation sitting under a 300-year-old oak tree on my property. It was the perfect setting for all of the powerful wisdom he dropped on me. And let me tell you, this guy has some pretty incredible takes on how to handle stress. I mean, he’s a freaking Navy SEAL, so he has the utmost authority on this subject, right? But the truth is, you don’t have to be a military veteran to understand stress, anxiety and heartache. These are universal themes in all of our lives, especially now. And Rich understands this, so he wanted to use certain aspects of his training and experience to help us all kick ass at life. This guy has certainly walked the walk, so let’s all listen to him talk the talk. ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: [00:05:50] Why Rich joined the Marines [00:11:00] Calming down instead of panic [00:14:42] Understanding the purpose of fear [00:20:27] Setting goals [00:30:10] Healing from PTSD [00:36:11] The inspiration for Rich’s book [00:46:50] How to discover your dormant attributes LINKS: The Attributes Website Buy Rich’s book The Attributes: 25 Hidden Drivers of Optimal Performance Take the Attributes Assessment Follow Rich on Instagram - @rich_diviney Get 15% off your Barukas Nuts with code “DARIN” Episode Transcript [00:00:00] Podcast Intro Darin: You are listening to the Darin Olien Show. I’m Darin. I spent the last 20 years devoted to improving health, protecting the environment, and finding ways to live a more sustainable life. In this podcast, I have honest conversations with people that inspire me. I hope that through their knowledge and unique perspectives they’ll inspire you too. We talk about all kinds of topics, from amping up your diets to improving your well-being to the mind-blowing stories behind the human experience and the people that are striving to save us and our incredible planet. We even investigate some of life’s fatal conveniences, those things that we are told might be good for us but totally aren’t. So here’s to making better choices in the small tweaks in your life that amount to big changes for you and the people around you and the planet. Let’s do this. This is my show, the Darin Olien Show. [00:01:11] Guest Intro - Rich Diviney Darin: Hey, everybody, welcome to the show. This is Darin Olien. This is The Darin Olien Show. What’s going on? How are you doing? How’s everybody? What’s shaking? How’s the family? How’s your health? How’s your life? If it’s not working for you, dig in, hook in, meditate, journal, write down your goals, change it. And my next guest is probably one of the most adaptive people that you will ever know or get to know that is a Navy Seal. So Rich Diviney,

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