The David Knight Show - 2020- November 24, Tuesday - Gates’ ID 2020 – Blockchain Slavery & Permanent Lockdowns!


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— 00:04:18 Curfews & the dystopian reality of “vicissitudes of vox populi” as quisling leaders turn controls ON/OFF like a — or a dimmer switch
— 00:31:19 Election litigation has reached the “Hail Mary Pass” stage; what will Biden do about “Dark Winter”?
— 00:41:32 Virus of religious persecution from Kentucky to underground churches in UK (“it’s like China”)
— 00:55:36 Jason Goodman,, there’s more to the Emmy Award for Cuomo than the absurdity & hypocrisy everyone is laughing at. Why did these people sue Jason over his Emmy Awards satire?
— 01:19:02 A key part of the Great Reset is the Cultural Reset — making a virtue of cannibalism, infanticide and the ritual abuse of children by Netflix in “Cuties” and now by NBC in “Transhood”
— 01:37:31 Blockchain will be how the Technocracy will enslave you. A look at the plans and alliances of Gates’ ID2020. India & Africa give us an example of how it will be used on us after the forced bankruptcy of western nations

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