The David Knight Show - 2020- September 18, Friday - Mask Or Raid? Force Added To Sham Policy In USA!


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— 00:08:27 Wall Street firms are stockpiling BILLIONS to buy homes when stimulus checks run out and the deferred mortgage debt dam breaks on the middle class.
— 00:17:23 Document from Indian Reservation shows what the globalists have planned for us all by 2030. And, media brags UBI (no jobs, universal welfare) is being normalized by pandemic.
— 00:31:28 Texas police arrest man for not wearing mask (alone in a convenient store) as Australian police arrest man for being at his neighbor’s house
— 00:46:16 CDC’s Redfield says masks are “guaranteed” to protect you against COVID. Here’s the history of now admitted lies about masks
— 01:04:00 Fear the beard. Beards keep masks from working. Will beards be banned next?
— 01:25:56 Govt schools, Kindergarten through graduate school, have long been radical training grounds. Will President Trump’s Executive Order for “patriotic education” change anything?
— 01:37:38 How supply chains collapsed 8 months ago and why they will again, after the election
— 01:55:19 Soros protected not only by FOX News but by FBI Director Christopher Wray. As cities burn, Wray says Antifa is not an organization but an ideology and the REAL threat is white people.

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