The Liam J Ryan Story: From Poverty To Successful Entrepreneur


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In this very special, highly personal show, Liam talks to The Action & Ambition Podcast, about his fascinating real-life story, one that started with humble beginnings, and which has since led to his becoming one of the UK's powerhouse property investors, as well as a globally renowned speaker and company founder.


  • When times get tough, the true entrepreneurs look for the opportunities to be had, instead of taking the blows they're dealt and living with the failures.
  • People give up because they don't have the right support around them. Being supported means everything, but the right people will also hold you to account, which is crucial in reaching your goals
  • You can't learn everything from a classroom. Experience comes from going out there and doing it. Real world experience is invaluable.
  • We can never know everything. There is always room for development. The best of the best are those who constantly develop themselves and reach higher.


'When times get hard, the real entrepreneurs step up'

'I've always had that entrepreneurial bug'

'I learned the art of resistance, commitment, and how to overcome rejection'

'You could have all the money, but if you're not working on yourself from the inside then you'll never be fulfilled'


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