Radio Rockstar To Full-Time Father With Big Kris, Flavoured Mayo, Jagmeet Singh Was Abused By Rednecks & The Cryptocrash


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Big one today.

Big Kris joins us fresh off quitting his radio gig to be a full-time father. What happens when a radio guy meets the physical challenge of being a stay-at-home dad? Nothing good.

#Russian Military dolphins are fucking shit up in the Black Sea and Kris has a problem with this.

Lochlin wants to talk condiments. Mayo, specifically. He has NO IDEA about flavored mayo. NONE.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was abused by a bunch of Rednecks in Middle Canada yesterday. Let's settle the entire alternative opinion discussion with the Babysitter Test!

How's your #crypto wallet? LOL. Scotty mak joins us from the #HotWallet pod to talk about the Crypto meltdown

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