Roe V Wade, DBS Does The Jays Game, Lochlin Fought Yankees Fans, Rookies Big Announcement, Loonie Dogs & Dave Chapelle Gets Tackled


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A leaked draft of a United States #Supreme #Court decision to overturn #RoeVWade and Canada is NOT unlike America right now.

We talk #Abortion Tourism, Roe V Wade, potential fallout for women's reproductive health, and why a gag order binds Canadian Conservatives. Is it because 64% of COnservative MP's are religious zealots and extremists who want to force their religion onto YOUR Uterus?

We went to the Jays game with the DBS last night, and it was a shit show. Lochlin fought Yankee fans and was non-verbals by the 7th inning, Caryma caught a ball the second we left, and who the fuck used a calculator to split the bill?

Leaf superfan Kurtis from Alberta joins us ahead of LEAFS/BOLTS GM 2 from his million-dollar basement

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