The Cleanup Effort With Alex Dayrabekov Live From Irpin, Rod Black, DBS Does The Joe Carter Classic & Pierre Poilievere Is Selling Freedom Convoy Merch


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Alex is back home in Irpin, Ukraine after Russian dichheads ransacked his apartment building. He joins us to talk about the cleanup effort where he is while the war rages in the east and talk about Putin's poop guy.

Legendary sportscaster, Rod Black joins us from Vancouver to talk about the Joe Carter golf classic next week at Glen Abby. The golf tournament everyone wants to go to returns after a pandemic hiatus and Dean and Rod look ahead to 2022 while talking about the gong show of Joe Carter tournaments of years past.

The Freedumb Convoy is set to get underway in #ottawa this week and conservative politician Pierre Poilievere is selling merch and helping organize. We have proof. The dude is such a fucking weasel it hurts.

And Lochlin got his first death threat of the year. It's a voice mail.

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