The Devil's Music 21: James Divine


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James Divine, also known as Divine Hand Jim, is a master palm reader, psychic, witch and metaphysical teacher. In this episode, James and hostess Pleasant Gehman literally “talk to the hand”. James teaches listeners basics for reading their own palms before analyzing the hands of celebrities, from David Bowie, movie stars and popular reality show personalities, and doing a palm reading for Pleasant. They discuss various universal hand gestures, like throwin’ the horns and hang loose to peace signs, Hula hands, flippin’ the bird and the Vulcan “Live Along And Prosper” sign. You’ll find out what rings, manicures and nail polish color say about you and what your handholding style means for your love life. Also included: thoughts on Karmic connections, “Catholic damage” and, of course, hallucinogens and intoxicants.

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