Ep. 35: The Habs dominance, the NHL Draft, and more with Craig Button!


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A new episode of The DFO Rundown is here! With Jason Gregor out of the lineup for today's pod, Frank Seravalli brought in Craig Button to fill in! The duo kicked things off by talking about the Montreal Canadiens surprising dominance of the Winnipeg Jets and how Head Coach Dominic Ducharme has had an impact. From there, they went on to talk about the Vegas Golden Knights coming back to even things up with the Avalanche before getting into the other two series from a thrilling second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Button gave some great insight into how the remaining teams in the playoffs are being coached and who needs to make the most adjustments to take their team to the next level. Of course, the next round is going to feature two matchups between teams that haven't played each other yet this season. Craig ranked the four divisions and talked about who could be favourites in round three. They transitioned from there and talked a little bit about the NHL Draft. Owen Power is coming off a fantastic performance at the World Hockey Championships. Was that enough for him to be locked in as the #1 overall pick? Craig shared his take and gave us his player comparables for the young defenseman. They also talked about what the Draft looks like after that.

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