E115: The “Winning Expert”: How To Become The Best You Can Be: Sir David Brailsford


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Sir David Brailsford is the former Performance Director of British Cycling and current Team Principal of the Ineos Grenadiers, a professional cycling team that, along with its direct predecessor Team Sky, have won seven Tour De France titles since 2012.

David is behind the business and life philosophy of ‘marginal gains’, a belief that paying attention to every little detail, and then trying to improve it by 1%, will have massive compound benefits when added together.

Before David arrived at British Cycling, Britain was a relative backwater in the cycling world. Within a few years, he oversaw a team that won 8 out of 10 track medals at the olympic games. In this interview David opens up about the good times, and also the criticism he’s received, like never before.

  • Your early years
  • Getting into cycling
  • Helping people find their motivation
  • C.O.R.E
  • First principles
  • Forgetting about the result
  • How to build motivation after victory?
  • How to make tough decisions
  • Marginal gains
  • The cost of your obsession
  • Your cancer scare
  • Undergoing Heart surgery
  • Individual approach vs team approach
  • Struggling with failure
  • The last guests question
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