A New Chapter: Introducing Manifold


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Today is a big day for us, because today we’re unveiling our new company. It’s called Manifold, and it combines our advisory practice, formerly known as Digital Intent, our venture investing activity, and new incubation studio. This reorganization is several years in the making, and the goal is to create what we call a perpetual machine for value creation. I thought it would make sense to bring in one of my partners Joe Dwyer to talk about the rationale behind the change, as well as how we got here. Joe is a fellow professor in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program at Northwestern, and is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. The conversational is in-depth, perhaps somewhat controversial in places, but I think you’ll find his perspective super interesting. For more information about how to create value in your own organizations, visit us at https://manifold.group. And as always, if you enjoyed this episode, would love a review. Thanks for listening!

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