Why Advisors Need to Hire a Financial Planner with Brooklyn Brock


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Brooklyn Brock, CFP®, CEPA®, ChFC®, CKA®, says financial advisors are their own worst clients. Advisors rarely do financial planning or retirement planning for themselves like they do for their clients, and most advisors’ business succession plans fail because they never get started. Brock, a 3rd generation financial advisor herself, is founder of Ellevate Advisors, LLC, the only advisory firm in the world that specializes in financial planning and exit coaching for advisors. She discusses why advisors need to hire a professional to advise them, despite often believing they can best take care of things for themselves. She also highlights issues people simply can’t work through effectively without outside/distanced input. Hear her specific advice for advisors about how to avoid distractions and shape your day-to-day activities to ensure you successfully achieve your end vision for both your professional and personal life.

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