Episode 101: Historic 101: An Intro For Casual Spikes


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For the first week of our NEXT 100 episodes, we finally took the plunge into Magic Arena's non-rotating format: Historic. We will help you understand how to assess and buy into Historic, what the decks and meta are like, what playing on Arena is like, and our thoughts on if Best of One is really Magic.... Enjoy the beginning of a new podcast adventure!

The Dive Down: 88 Goblins
The Dive Down, cont: Pants, Pants, Pants
The Dive Down, cont: Gruul Smash

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3:35 - Housekeeping
7:07 - The Dive Down: The Dive Down Does Historic
7:33 - Why are we covering Historic?
23:00 - What does this mean for The Dive Down?
26:42 - What were our expectations for Historic?
28:33 - How can you buy into Historic, and the economy of Arena
41:00 - The meta and decks in Historic
43:07 - Quick sidebar: how much Historic did we play?
46:53 - The decks of Historic:
47:40 - Azorius Auras
57:40 - Mono-Red Goblins
1:05:58 - Gruul Aggro
1:13:04 - Sultai Midrange
1:19:30 - Rakdos Sacrifice
1:23:07 - Other decks in brief
1:28:08 - Our thoughts on Historic's meta
1:31:43 - Best of One vs. Best of Three
1:39:30 - The competition on Arena
1:43:15 - Monitoring the Historic meta and some economy talk
1:49:45 - Closing out

Links from this week's episode:
Mono-Red Goblins: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/historic-goblins-3896#paper
Azorius Auras: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/historic-azorius-aggro#paper
Gruul Aggro: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/3575700#paper

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