Episode 109: Historic Gruul: Smashing & Flashing to Victory


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This week we Dive Down into Gruul Aggro in Historic. After a strong representation and showing in the recent MPL and Rivals Historic weekend events, Gruul looks to be the tier 1 aggro deck in the format. We guide you through deck construction, piloting the deck, and playing against it! Before that, we walk through a meta breakdown on the past month or so of Modern, and are again forced to discuss a certain escaping Titan.

The Break Down: Deep, Deep Modern Meta
The Dive Down: A Truly Busted 2
The Dive Down, pt. 2: A Truly Busted 6

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5:58 - The Break Down Begins: A Modern Update
7:02 - January 23rd Modern Qualifier
11:14 - the top 32
14:15 - A modern meta analysis
22:45 - How modern feels right now (aka Uro talk)
30:50 - The Dive Down Begins: Gruul is Kuul
35:20 - How Gruul works in Historic
36:20 - The 1 drops
41:15 - The 2 drops
59:30 - The 3 drops
1:08:01 - The 4 drops and beyond
1:17:02 - The manabase
1:20:20 - Sideboarding and sideboard tactics
1:25:01 - Playing as Gruul
1:34:49 - Playing against Gruul
1:42:35 - Who is this deck for?
1:46:53 - Signing off

Links from this week's episode:
Alatheio's Modern Analysis: https://www.reddit.com/r/ModernMagic/comments/l31jyc/mtgo_modern_major_events_review_20201221_20210120/
Gruul Aggro: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/gruul-aggro-9590cf15-ec7b-4014-9d20-1114d43b8370#paper

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