Episode 38: Talking About "Crazy From The Heat" with writer/director/producer Steve Herold


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It's all about the aborted David Lee Roth flick "Crazy From The Heat!" Darren and Steve speak with filmmaker Steve Herold about Dave's aborted 1985 movie and the actual script. What kind of movie was it supposed to be? Is it funny? Could it have been a hit? How far along was the production? Would the "Eat 'Em and Smile" band been in it? All that, and "No Big 'Ting!"

Writer, director and producer Steve Herold has been working in film and television since graduating from the film program at New York’s School of Visual Arts. His work has included "Killing Fields," "Celebrity Wife Swap," and "Death of an Umbrella Salesman," the latter of which came out earlier this year. Follow Steve and his work at Instagram via @jointfilms.

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