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On this episode of The Doc Exchange, June Jennings is joined by Catherine Bray, a commissioner, producer and writer-director, whose most recent credits include two hour-long essays films for BBC Arts: Meet the Family and Guilt-Free Pleasures. Together they interrogate the theme of performance, constructed reality and fabrication and how this can alter our sense of what ‘counts’ as documentary.

Welcome to The Doc Exchange: A Real Stories Podcast, where your favourite non-fiction filmmakers reveal the documentaries that have had a lasting impact on their lives and careers.



Fraud (2016, Dean Fleischer-Camp) // Watch on Kanopy in the US

Under the Sun (2016, Vitaly Mansky) // Watch on Ovid in the US

Casting JonBenet (2017, Kitty Green) // Watch on Netflix

How To with John Wilson (2020, John Wilson) // Watch on HBO Max

Guilt-Free Pleasures (2020, Catherine Bray) // Watch on BBC iPlayer in the UK

Meet the Family (2020, Catherine Bray) // Watch on BBC iPlayer in the UK

Fish Story (2017, Charlie Shackleton) // Watch on Vimeo

Lasting Marks (2018, Charlie Shackleton) // Watch on Vimeo

Beyond Clueless (2014, Charlie Shackleton) // Watch on Vimeo


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