BFI Round Up and The Cult of Skaro Get Comfy in NYC


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The News

Star of Arachnids in the UK Tanya Fear has been found after a missing person scare and Adam runs down his visit to see Evil of the Daleks at the BFI.

Review story this episode: Daleks in Manhattan & Evolution of the Daleks

Hard to believe but we're down to our last few Tenth Doctor stories now, we know, sad face. Until then let's (web) swing over to NYC in the 1930s to see what those Daleks are up to and why are there human pigs knocking about?

Coming next week: Torchwood: Exit Wounds

Yes! The train is pulling up at the last station for TW Series 2, phew! Exit Wounds is the last story and after the final moments of the last story, Fragments, we're excited to see how this series finishes up.

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