Chris Eccleston Stays Salty and We Review a Torchwood Origin Story


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The News

Chris Eccleston is still adamant about not appearing on-screen as The Doctor while dropping some details about his fallout with RTD and we sadly say goodbye to Tony Selby aka Sabalom Glitz.

Review story this episode: Torchwood: Fragments

We can almost reach out and touch the end of Series 2, so close! In this penultimate episode, the Torchwood team are down but not out as we get treated to some flashbacks showing the origin of Torchwood Three and its current members. Is this a decent story by Chibbers or a lemon?

Coming next week: Daleks in Manhattan & Evolution of the Daleks

We've not reviewed a Tenth Doctor story since June and we're nearing the end of his stuff now so let's dive in and see what this is all about. Daleks, obviously but we've not seen it in a while so the rest is fuzzy.

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