Jodie Exit Rumours and The Master is Causing Havoc as Usual


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The News

More rumours about Jodie's exit could change the format of the show for the next couple of years and we say goodbye to the White Witch of Devil's End Damaris Hayman.

Review story this episode: The Sound of Drums & Last of the Timelords

After our short break of a few weeks, we're blasting back into the review segment with a Tenth Doctor era finale to series 3. The Master is back and seems to have The Doctor on the ropes but can Martha and Captain Jack find a way to help and save the planet?

Coming next week: The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Man Who Never Was

It's a sad time as next week we review the last ever SJA story. It's been an amazing ride going through these stories and as we wrap on this incredible era of storytelling we're hoping for a great story to take us out on.

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