10: S1 Ep 10: Why we should be eating goat meat with James Whetlor of Cabrito + courgette fritters + mugwort


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In the last episode of Series 1, we speak to goat farmer James Whetlor. James is a former chef and the owner of Cabrito. His goal is to put all billy goats born into the dairy industry into the meat industry. We learn why we should be eating goat and why we don't currently eat it in the UK, plus James gives us some great recipe ideas. ⁠
It’s the end of July and the courgette glut is well underway. I give you a recipe for courgette fritters, which make for such a tasty light lunch, and forager Imogen ends the series by teaching us about the plant mugwort.
Want to learn more about the issues surrounding goat?

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