8: S1 Ep 8: All things vinegar with Sam Britten + gooseberry tart + hogweed


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In this show we speak to Sam Britten of Orkney Craft Vinegar. His products are a world away from what you’d usually pick up in the supermarket and chef James Martin is a huge fan. We learn what vinegar really is, how best to cook with it, how you can use it in a cocktail, plus some of the interesting new flavours Sam is working on such as a smoky red dulse flavour and a gooseberry vinegar as well.
So speaking of gooseberries, Orkney is full of the spiky bushes and Sam chose these tart berries for me to create my weekly recipe – my gooseberry tart with elderflower cream – which you’ll hear after my chat with him.
Lastly forager Imogen speaks about hogweed, a versatile green with more protein in the leaves than curly kale.
Some of the chefs and bartenders that use Sam’s vinegar:
Gareth Ward at https://ynyshir.co.uk/

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