Revolutionising the Marine Technology Sector with Head of Commercial at Actisense, Justin Cohen #S2E11


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If there’s one thing businesses can do to extend a product life cycle, it’s innovate. Whether it be small and iterative, or a massive shift to expand your service offering, it pays to be ahead of the game on fresh developments in your sector.

Keeping innovation at the heart of Actisense’s offering of boat electronic systems, their Head of Commercial, Justin Cohen, joins Rich Burn on episode 11 of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast to break down the partnerships and programmes that keep Actisense on the cutting edge with their product range, and how they’ve maximised their impact on the sector with digital transformation and cloud computing.

This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:

  • Justin’s views on Iterative innovation vs ‘Loon Shot’ innovation
  • Implementing cloud computing to improve Actisense’s service offering
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of funding through digital transformation
  • Developing unique, interesting partnerships to demonstrate your products
  • Actisense’s constant evolution around new technological developments

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