Ep. 142 | Slugger Labbe


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If you love stories and behind the scenes insight into the world of motorsports, this week is for you! Slugger Labbe put in over 30 years in the NASCAR garage and is currently making his mark in the NHRA as an engineering manager for Toyota Racing. What does that mean? Labbe is here dishing on his role and what, from an engineering standpoint, he’s brought from NASCAR to NHRA. We also discuss learning new tricks and a new sport; the process of getting comfortable offering insight and information; how Labbe was lured into a new job in a new world; what it was like to see NASCAR differently after leaving the garage; how the crew chief role became more challenging through the years; gamesmanship between crew chief and NASCAR officials; notable changes in the sport during Labbe’s tenure (Robert Yates story alert); the very, very unique place Labbe was when he and the Michael Waltrip were declared the winners of the 2003 Daytona 500; a recent realization about what Waltrip was going through when they worked together; his memory of the crash that led to the lucky dog rule; if Labbe thinks the NHRA can become as popular as other motorsports in the U.S. Music created by Tony Monge. Xfinity xFi is more than just fast! It provides reliable coverage and control you need to stay close to the sport you love. Visit Xfinity.com/NASCAR or stay connected to Xfinity Racing on Twitter and IG to stay connected to the sport you love with Xfinity. Proud Premier Partner of NASCAR and the title sponsor of the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

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