2022 Nissan Frontier & Pathfinder, 2021 Volvo V90 Luxury Redefined| #452


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In today’s line up with Alan is Brian Moody, Executive Editor for Autotrader.com. They talk about Nissan unveiling 2 new vehicles for 2022, The Frontier and The Pathfinder. Alan wow’s on the Pathfinders new “hard body” with its new geo-mechanical design. Brian explains how Nissan took out the CVT, giving it better towing capability and has a 9-speed transmission, 3.5 liter V6 engine, with 284 horsepower. Beep! Beep! We move over as George Kennedy, Co-founder of Cartender and Freelance Automotive Journalist for CarGurus, Boston Globe, and U.S. News & World Report joins the track as he shares his experience in driving a 2021 Volvo V90 Cross Country AWD Wagon and how it is a great vehicle. George says you don’t necessarily need an SUV. Alan chimes in and shares how he has been buying Volvos for 40 years because of how safe and reliable they are. Karl Brauer, Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror and board member, Executive Analyst for ISeeCars.com and Executive Publisher at CarExpert.com takes the lead and closes out the show as he talks about the 1988 Pontiac Firebird he bought for his daughter and its worth after an accident due to an emission test failure. How Ford will be using Google Android in their vehicles starting 2023. Want more? Jump into gear and join Alan and his guest as they race into this week “The Drive”.

[00:00:00] – Nissans 2022 Frontier or Pathfinder
[00:05:53] – Geo-Mechanical the “New Hardbody”
[00:12:30] – CVT Get’s the Boot!
[00:19:51] – Vroom! Vroom! Volvo
[00:30:04] – BFF Volvo
[00:35:51] – Hey Good Looking!
[00:42:12] – Came In Like A Wrecking Ball
[00:48:15] – Emission Test FAIL!
[00:54:43] – Lower Value
[01:02:03] – You Are Not A Mistake!
[01:10:53] – Mechanics 101
[01:18:04] – Hey! Google!


Host: Alan Taylor
Producer: Dave Milligan
Audio Engineer: Dave Milligan
Copy Editor: Dave Milligan
Contributor: Brian Moody
Contributor: George Kennedy
Contributor: Karl Brauer


  • Contributor: George Kennedy III | Co-founder of Cartender and Freelance Automotive Journalist for CarGurus, Boston Globe and U.S. News & World Report
  • Contributor: Brian Moody | Executive Editor for Autotrader.com
  • Contributor: Karl Brauer | Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos, NACTOY juror and board member.

Vehicles Discussed: 1988 Pontiac Firebird, 2022 Nissan Pathfinder, 2022 Nissan Frontier, 2021 Volvo V90


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