186: Dumbbells Live 10 of ? (w/ Angela Gulner)


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This is very important episode considering what everyone is going through right now. The Bells welcome a very special guest, Angela Gulner (BINGE) to the show this week. Angela is the co-creator of the show BINGE which is loosely based on her struggles with an eating disorder. With a lot of work she was able to overcome her challenges years ago and offers great insight into the steps people can take to recover. She tells the guys how she's been coping during self-isolation and what challenges she would have faced if she were still suffering from her eating disorder during the pandemic. Angela is really funny and gives very accessible advice about self love as well as practical advice about how to get help if you are really struggling. Check The Dumbbells instagram for links to all the different support groups she mentioned.

"Love Yourself Babies!!"

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