187: Dumbbells Live 11 of ? (w/ Ify Nwadiwe)


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Ify Nwadiwe (IfDeez on twitch) makes his triumphant return to The Weight Room for this weeks live episode. The Bells talk to Ify about tracking down training equipment during the pandemic- maybe we all need to check out our local Target! Ify also tells the guys about what's going on in the gaming world and how he sometimes spends 13 hours playing on his twitch stream!! The guys all connect over their love of Portos Bakery and about the recent take-and-bake pastries they've been selling during the lockdown. Then Ify tells the guys why it's been hard for him to train and home and what resource he just discovered that could turn it around for him. Last they all talk to some listeners and answer a question about cricket protein powder. Ify is always a great guest!

"Light Weight Baby!!!"

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