Bonus Drop - The Dredge Into Shadowmire Keep Ep.1


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We are releasing a recording from a few years back to the public in honor of our Halloween Spooktacular!

Will, Brian, Your Special Guest Jake, Friend of the Show Josh Freeland, and our Buddy Mikey work together to weave a tale of intrigue and horror the likes of which the actual play podcast scene has ever seen! Join them as they navigate the murky waters of piloting monster races: Bullywug, Kobold, Goblin, and Orc through a treacherous haunted castle filled with a blend of classic D&D and Lovecraftian style horrors!

A special thanks to Nox Arcana, who allowed to use their original works in the making of this campaign! You can find them on YouTube, iTunes, or at the following:

Music by Nox Arcana / Born Of The Night / The Dark Tower

Music by Nox Arcana / Wake The Dead / Gothic

Music by Nox Arcana / The Dark Tower / The Dark Tower

Music by Nox Arcana / Born Of The Night / The Dark Tower

Music by Nox Arcana / Gossamer Mist / Transylvania

Music by Nox Arcana / Crone's Cavern / Grimm Tales

Music by Nox Arcana / The Hallow / Grimm Tales

Music by Nox Arcana / The Ruins / House Of Nightmares

Music by Nox Arcana / Visaria / The Dark Tower

Music by Nox Arcana / Dead Run / Zombie Influx

If you want to see how the rest of this Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventure plays out, you can find the rest, and more content like it, on our Patreon. This campaign will be available to listen for free.

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