William Oliver & William Barnes of In Practise


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In this episode, Guy Spier talks to William Oliver and William Barnes, the founders of In Practise, a research network with a slightly different business model compared to other companies in the primary research business. They give valuable insights on the primary research industry and on topics such as how to conduct high-quality conversations and what part of management to interview when researching a company.

Full transcript available here: https://aqfd.docsend.com/view/tw73wc9ef3gp3t4a


Introducing William Oliver and William Barnes (00:00:00)

The Primary Research Industry (00:05:54)

The Beauty of Learning in Public (00:14:30)

Why Aren’t Investor Relations Enough? (00:24:34)

What is High-Quality Conversation? (00:34:47)

Top Management vs. Mid-Level Management (00:46:47)

The Pitfalls of Conducting Primary Research (00:54:36)

Who Should Be a Part of the In Practise Community? (01:06:15)

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