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Yishai Kiczales is an Israeli film critic, songwriter and lecturer, who currently lives in Zurich with his family. He writes for the daily newspaper Israel Hayom, and his third solo album, "Inside Yishai Kiczales", will be released on May 22. He talks to me about classic books and movies, about the recent changes in the world of cinema, and highlights some things the streaming services are missing.

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Ulysses by James Joyce: A Rock in a Mountain of Classics (00:01:45)

Should One Read the Classics? (00:10:20)

Christopher Nolan’s Best Movies (00:13:32)

The Movie Classics and Their Origin (00:21:21)

How to Escape the Algorithm? (00:27:49)

Past and Future Changes in the Movie World (00:37:44)

Building Bridges Through Cinema (00:52:31)

The Struggle of Creating Art (00:58:47)

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