ELK8: ELK HUNTING SERIES (feat. Steve Chappell of Elk Camp TV on Calling to Different Types of Bulls, Cow Sounds, Arizona vs. Colorado, Finding and Setting Up On Bulls For Good Shots)


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Steve Chappell is one of the all-time greats! Spending years in the prime elk country of Arizona has really honed his skills as a caller, hunter, and guide. Steve is a kind-hearted man who has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others. That passion made this podcast rank up at the top (in our opinion) of elk podcasts we have done.

Y'all be sure and head over to www.chappellguideservice.com and get one of those "Heart Breaker" Cow Calls he showed us!

You're going to need these two things to have success in the Elk Woods: A good map and great equipment! Here are some of the best!

OnX Maps

Day Six Arrows and Broadheads

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