130. Wake Up to the Power of Your Dreams with Athena Laz


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Today we’re diving into the mystic world of dreams with intuitive and lucid dreaming expert Athena Laz.

There is so much potent medicine in the ethereal realm of sleep, but few of us loop these powerful images as cues to incorporate into our waking lives and the direction we’re going in.

Our subconscious is trying to communicate with us, and Athena helps translate dream codes into concrete messages we can activate in our everyday lives. We chat about her new book, The Alchemy of Your Dreams, and discuss the different ways you can co-create a reality while you’re sleeping.

  • Using dreams to co-create your life
  • Discerning your dreams
  • Creating a space for your dreams with night rituals
  • The difference between sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming
  • What lucid dreams feel like
  • Working through traumas in your dreams

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