131. Loving on Yourself as a Parent - with Michelle Bowen


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Parenthood throws us out of our comfort zone and is equally as exhausting as it is exhilarating. In this episode, parenthood empowerment coach, Michelle Bowen, gives permission for all parents to lean into the triggering moments of raising children as an opportunity to expand into love.

Michelle articulates the magical momentum of parenthood in a way you’ve never heard before, encouraging you to treat your child as your North Star – an invitation to grow into the tallest, brightest expression of YOU. Through reimagining the container of what it means to bring up a child, we can follow our hearts, learn to love ourselves, and find potent power in peace.

We chat about…

  • How parenthood accelerated her spiritual growth
  • Developing her process as a coach
  • Evolving through triggers and dealing with shame and guilt
  • Reflecting on relationships with our mothers through conscious parenting

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