73. Bonus Episode: The Hormone Genius & Humanae Vitae: A Conversation with Teresa Kenney


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Welcome to The Endow Podcast! This podcast is a forum for women to foster conversations about the intellectual life and intentional community for the cultivation of the feminine genius. On this episode, Simone Rizkallah, Director of Program Growth, interviews Teresa Kenney on hormonal health (beyond the birth control pill) that serves the dignity of women while loving and respecting their bodies.
Teresa Kenney is a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner and a Naprotechnology trained medical consultant who is passionate about restoring women’s quality of life through holistic care. She is a certified medical consultant who works cooperatively with the woman’s cycle and treats the underlying root cause of women’s health issues.
To learn more, visit https://www.hormonegenius.com/the-hormone-genius-podcast/
To purchase Endow's study guide on Humanae Vitae, visit: https://endow-groups.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/humana-vitae-of-human-life
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