Automatic Ocean Cleaning Device, The Seabin Project – Pete Ceglinski – Ep77


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Automatic Ocean Cleaning Device, The Seabin Project – Pete Ceglinski – Ep77

Peter Ceglinski is the CEO and Co-founder of the Seabin product and company. The Seabin is a floating trash can that skims the surface of the water.

Peter’s background is he is trained as a product designer with experience in injection molding.

The inspiration for his invention came from the thought: If we have trash cans on land, why not put them in water

The device works but skimming plastic pollution and marine liter in the water from the surface, pulling it into the bin.

We discuss many aspects of the project, from technical to funding to intellectual property (they are patent pending in 7 countries including the United States).

If you are interested, they are taking on investors now. For a low amount of money ($250 minimum), you can be an equity holder in the company.

Number one tip: if you got an idea, and you want to do it. Go for it, but make a plan and save your money

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