Polish Entrepreneur and Investor in Africa – Marek Zmysłowski – Ep82


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Polish Entrepreneur and Investor in Africa – Marek Zmysłowski – Ep82

Marek is from Poland and started his career as an entrepreneur in Africa.

He co-founded Jumia Travel – Africa’s Biggest Hotel Booking Portal listed on NYSE as part of Jumia Group and HotelOnline.co – a Travel Technology Company.

After this he started his own travel company and got int some trouble with competitors when they made false claims to Interpol. He wrote a book all about this crazy experience. Check it out: Chasingblackunicorns.com

After he got through that mess, he started working with a Swedish company making solar powered roofs for homes. These are not just solar panels, but the actual roof itself is one big solar panel. That company is sunroof.se. These roofs can power the entire home, completely removing one’s need to rely on the grid for power.

Number one tip:

Marek’s biggest problem is lack of technical knowledge. Even if you have dreams of becoming entrepreneur, finish your studies. Work as engineer for some time, it will give you an amazing advantage; he went in entrepreneurship too fast

Contact info:

Twitter: @marekchinedu

Instagram: @marekchinedu

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