Portable USB Charger from Recycled Materials– Tom Meades– Ep83


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Portable USB Charger from Recycled Materials– Tom Meades– Ep83

Tom Meades, Designer and Co-Founder of Gomi, is from Brighton, UK. Tom and his team started Gomi in 2018, with a vision for a future where waste materials are non-existent. Tom's background is in Design & Craft, and combines industrial manufacturing processes with handcraft techniques.

Tom and his team have created a portable USB charger where the plastic case is entirely from recycled materials. Currently, they are using compression molding and it is a very hands-on process. The material is typically old grocery bags. This makes the material have a marble pattern. Every case is unique due to the random nature of these bags.

They are running a Kickstarter campaign now for the cases.

Tom’s number one tip is: Do what you love.

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