Twelve way to make a Prototype with Xometry – Greg Paulsen– Ep71


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Twelve way to make a Prototype with Xometry – Greg Paulsen– Ep71

Greg Paulsen is the Director of Application Engineering at Xometry. He is an expert in helping determine the best-fit manufacturing process for customer projects and discussing design-for-manufacturing for over 12 different manufacturing technologies from precision machining to 3D printing

Xometry is a manufacturing marketplace that provides instant pricing, lead times, and manufacturability feedback for custom parts in real-time through its website.

In our discussion, we go into the specifics of many of these processes, like Direct Laser Metal Sintering (DLMS), 3D printing SLA elastomers, FDM printing, Carbon 3D printing, HP Multijet fusion, and urethane casting.

We also discuss the business side of Xometry and how they use the same concept as Uber: utilize capacity of people and business who have the machines to make prototypes.

Greg’s number one tip: If a manufacturer does provide feedback, it’s not a critique of the part. They just want to make the best part they can for you.

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