E123 | A Thrilling Champions League semi-Final 1st Leg in England


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This has been an exceptional Champions League semi-final first leg that was hosted in England at the Etihad and at Anfield up next we head to Spain but on this episode were talking about the English fixture between Real Madrid and Manchester City who played on Tuesday and of course Liverpool vs villarreal who played on Wednesday.

This was one of the best matches are still in the Champions League semifinal cuz I'm not saying it's the best I'm saying it's one of the best I'm talking about Real Madrid versus Manchester City match that ended in 4-3, with Manchester City winning that match, advantage Manchester City and of course the the Liverpool and Villarreal, that match ended in a 2-0, Liverpool of course winning that match which means advantage Liverpool.
On to the second leg which will be hosted in Spain at the various stadiums of villareal and Real Madrid

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