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Teams are out strengthen their squads by seeking to buy any player after player some are selling but so far I feel it's safe to assume that Leicester City are having the best window at the moment. But I big the question with Manchester City having been rumoured to get Harry Kane and Jack greanish. what does that mean for other clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, spurs and West Ham with West Ham being rumoured an attempt of securing Jesse Lingard of United who by the way shook the bar in that friendly against Derby County on Sunday a game that Manchester United won by two goals to one courtesy of youngsters Chong and pellistri. Of course Manchester United have not announced jadon Sancho as their official player and for some this is rather frustrating while others are speculating that United plans to announce all it signings at the same time which could really do well for their new sponsor t-shirt or Jersey by TeamViewer. Manchester United are heavily linked with Raphael Varane who is said to have agreed a five-year deal with the manchurian Club it is said that a 50 million euros deal could be possible with Real Madrid in the near future. Of course United have a quite exciting roster of players that could be joining the club having been rumoured to the likes of Declan rice and Eduardo camavinga, who could be an excellent addition to the Manchester United in Middlefield situation with Pogba rumoured to leave it quite bothersome for the manchurian club to try and attempt to get the French international to commit to the club. United have been rumoured to have offered the French player a five-year deal rumoured to be valued over 22 million pounds per season which would undoubtedly make him the most paid player in the English Premier League.
Jose Mourinho's Roma has expressed interest in signing United's new back-up left-back Alex telles on a loan deal but Manchester United are rather not interested in loaning or selling their player and Alex seems to have no intention in leaving Old Trafford.

All that a d more on this weeks episode.

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